Frequently asked questions
What is Crowdfunding Bizkaia?
Crowdfunding Bizkaia is a participative financing platform:
  • For those who promote projects, it offers an alternative to finance their projects through the sum of individual contributions/investments.
  • For those who invest in the projects, it is an opportunity to participate in innovative projects with projection.
Who promotes Crowdfunding Bizkaia?
SEED CAPITAL DE BIZKAIA, SOCIEDAD GESTORA DE CAPITAL RIESGO, S.A., constituted in 1989. This is a Public Foral Company, attached to the Department of Economic Promotion of the Bizkaia Provincial Council, for the administration of Funds.
How do we understand crowdfunding?
We understand it as a mechanism for the provision of services necessary for the attainment and development of new business activities (technological assistance, training and support in the attainment of funding depending on the amount of the project).
Who can seek funding for his/her project through Crowdfunding Bizkaia?
All those projects born and located in Bizkaia and with a clear component of social impact and / or innovative.
What kind of crowdfunding can be carried out?
Crowdfunding Bizkaia is committed to the type of investment crowdfunding (investment in share capital): ownership shares are sold through the platform. The people who provide financing become partners of the company.
Duration of the campaign on the platform
50-day funding rounds are contemplated.
What happens if a project reaches its funding target within 50 days?
In the case of a project in which the possibility of achieving more than 100% of the objective has been left open, the round will continue until the promoters decide to close it. Otherwise, the round will end at 100%.
How many types of users are there?
User profiles
  • Investor, who provides financing for the projects.
  • Promoter, who disseminates his or her project through the platform.
How will project progress be reported?
In each project there is a space where the promoter will be able to publish the news and the advances of the project.
Similarly, people interested in the projects, may ask the team promoting them all those questions of their interest.