Frequently asked questions
How can I contribute to a project?
During the time a project is active on the Crowdfunding Bizkaia website (50 days), contributions can be made by credit card using the Lemon Way payment platform. Under no circumstances does Crowdfunding Bizkaia have access to your credit card details. We guarantee total security in the use of your card as the data is transmitted in encrypted form to protect all your personal data and those related to the payment.
How much can I contribute to a project?
Accredited investors may invest unlimited amounts in companies published by Crowdfunding Bizkaia. If you are one of the investors defined by 5/2015 Law as 'non-accredited', you may not invest more than €3,000 per project, nor more than €10,000 per year in the different projects that we publish on the Crowdfunding Bizkaia platform.
What do I receive in exchange for my contribution to a project?
You will receive shares representing the amount contributed.
Can I cancel a contribution?
You can cancel the investment for a period of 7 days from the time you make the investment. In addition, when a project reaches 80% of the round for the first time, another 7-day window will open to cancel the investment. Anyway, for any question that arises, you can contact the team of Crowdfunding Bizkaia through the e-mail
Can I make my contribution from anywhere in the world?
Yes, no problem. Contributions can be made from anywhere in the world.
What can I do as an investor to make the project successful?
You are actually indispensable. The projects of Crowdfunding Bizkaia are known above all by the diffusion in the different social networks. If you think a project is interesting, you can play an active role in its viralization and thus increase its chances of success.
What happens if a project that I have supported and that has ended successfully receives funding and then it does not take place?
Entrepreneurs who have a project in Crowdfunding Bizkaia that has finished successfully with financing, are obliged to carry it out as they had planned and to comply with the people who have invested in their project in terms of the conditions to which they have committed. In the event that, for some reason, they are unable to meet these commitments, they are obliged to return the money to each of their investors.
What is an accredited investor?
The accreditation of investors is governed by Law 5/2015 of 27 April on Business Financing Promotion, which defines that they will be considered accredited investors:
1. The individuals and legal entities referred to in letters a), b) and d) of article 78 bis.3 of Law 24/1988, of 28 July, on the Securities Market.
2. Individual entrepreneurs who meet at least two of the following conditions:
  • the total of the asset items is equal to or greater than EUR 1 million.
  • its annual turnover is equal to or greater than EUR 2 million.
  • its own resources are equal to or greater than 300,000 euros.
3. Individuals who meet the following conditions:
  • Proof of annual income in excess of 50,000 euros or financial assets in excess of 100,000 euros, and
  • apply to be considered as accredited investors beforehand, and expressly renounce their treatment as non-accredited.
4. Small and medium sized companies and legal entities that apply in advance to be considered as accredited investors.
5. Those individuals or legal entities that accredit the contracting of the financial advisory service on the platform's financing instruments by an authorized investment services company.