Frequently asked questions
What do I have to do to publish a project in Crowdfunding Bizkaia?
Once you have been registered as a promoter and have filled in all the data in the section "My Profile" you will be able to access the section of creation of a project called "New Project".
When you start setting up a new project you will see that detailed information is requested: what your project consists of exactly, how much money you will need and what you will use it for. So, it is advisable to have your idea mature enough before you take this step.
When you set up a project you can save it as a draft or send it to us to validate it. This validation consists of a review of all the information you have entered. The validation will not exceed 10 working days from receipt and we will notify you with an email resolution on it.
Why is it necessary for Crowdfunding Bizkaia to review projects before publishing them?
Crowdfunding Bizkaia aims to be a platform for promoting business and innovative projects located in Bizkaia. We're not talking about financing cultural projects, books, short films, and those kinds of projects for which there are other more appropriate crowdfunding portals. This is why we want to know what you will do.
With all this information, we can advise you on the best way to present your project before publishing it and the audiovisual media that you can use to make your idea as attractive as possible, in substance and form.
How long will I have to wait for an answer?
In 10 working days your proposal will have been studied and you will receive an email with the resolution.
What kind of projects have a place in Crowdfunding Bizkaia?
Initially, any idea that your ingenuity leads you to imagine. As long as it is not against the laws of the country, and is not offensive, violent or in bad taste. Crowdfunding Bizkaia reserves the right to reject a project if it considers that it violates the terms and conditions of use.
What basic things do I have to decide about my project before I submit it?
It must be a mature business idea. If so, what is the amount of the minimum contribution? In what will you invest the obtained money? What is the economic objective you want to achieve?
Is there a minimum or maximum set for the funding target?
No, there is not.
How much time do I have to raise my funding goal?
The duration of the funding round is 50 days.
What happens if I reach the funding target before the deadline?
If you have left open the possibility to exceed 100% of the target, the round will continue until you decide or the 50-day deadline ends. If you decide that the round cannot exceed 100% of the target, the round will be closed.
How can investors contribute to my project?
Investors make their contributions by credit card using Lemon Way's secure payment gateway.
How do I receive the money raised by the project?
Once the round is successfully closed, you will receive the money collected in the bank account defined during the registration process.
Do I have to pay to publish my project in Crowdfunding Bizkaia?
Crowdfunding Bizkaia charges 1% of the financing obtained for its services. For its operations, Crowdfunding Bizkaia uses the Lemon Way payment gateway, which does charge a commission for each transaction carried out. The fact of only allocating the costs of the payment gateway makes Crowdfunding Bizkaia a very competitive option.