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Recycling is an example of social responsibility and care for the environment. By recycling, waste is given a second life, becoming part of the circular economy, which is the most respectful of the planet. A clear example is that up to 30% of the plastic waste that pollutes the oceans each year comes from the micro debris produced by tires and textiles. BASQ supports the recycling processes of different plastic by-products, such as tires and cotton fibers. By means of an innovative tire deconstruction process, the tire tread is separated, which is where the most important technical properties are found, and is used as the basis for the sole of BASQ shoes, providing them with extreme grip and durability. In recent years, the company has been working on the use of innovative materials and, above all, on achieving a traceable, local supply chain with production ideals shared with BASQ, relying on renewable energy and reducing environmental impact. In this process, a new line of work has been initiated based on the circular economy, involving customers in the process of designing and recycling materials. This project will allow BASQ to grow in different market niches and exploit other international markets.


basq is a sustainable fashion company that considers materials, production methods and proximity throughout its supply chain to make the least possible impact on the environment. All design, production and management decisions are affected by sustainability criteria, which differentiates BASQ from other brands. To this end, it has invested in innovation, supply chain development and new business models based on the circular economy to develop the products and the brand. As a result, BASQ is the most sustainable sneaker brand for sale. With this new chapter, BASQ expects to grow, exploit new markets and market niches that contribute to incorporate sustainability in everyday life through a fashion product that does not renounce design, comfort, technical specifications, and sustainability.

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