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To commercialize an innovative mountain and avalanche rescue device for mountain sportsmen and sportswomen, professional rescue teams, ski resorts and vulnerable groups.


ELUR is a rescue device using new technologies. It is the first device capable of covering the two types of rescues: buried victim and long distance. In the field of avalanches, the ELUR prototype has been satisfactorily tested, obtaining 16 times more range than the existing devices. In the field of large distance, ELUR has been tested with rescue teams and in 2 expeditions with Alex Txikon.

The devices of the competitors have the following features:

  ○ Recco: passive chip for rescue in avalanches with a range of 30 meters.
  ○ DVA: avalanche rescue device through RFID that has a range of 80 meters.
  ○ GPS devices: through satellite technology for localization, rescue and communications.
  ○ Mobile apps of rescue and localization: an example is Alpify, which locates the victim through GPS.

The ELUR device has a series of features that constitute the competitive advantage in front of the mentioned devices of the competition:

  • Capacity to cover both types of rescue: avalanches and large distance
  • Capacity of multi-signal reception and intuitive search
  • Competitive price
  • Independent to Smartphone
  • The fact of counting on an utility model and having performed tests in such extreme conditions like the ones in K2 and with professional rescue teams give the device a differential strong value

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Marketing plan
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