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The Euskooters service aims to cover urban and interurban mobility needs, connecting isolated areas due to the lack or scarcity of public transport, where the only option is to resort to the private motor vehicle, which not only causes a serious problem of pollution in most cases, but also of public space. The aim of Euskooters is to connect key areas, to serve as an ecological shuttle complementing other means of transport, to provide a micro-mobility service to universities or business technology parks, and to become the means of transport of choice for residents and tourists in cities or municipalities where distances are not very long. In all of the above cases, traffic congestion occurs on a daily basis, both during journeys and when it comes to finding a parking space, causing serious environmental damage and, therefore, problems for people's health. The space occupied by vehicles on public roads is also increasingly becoming a problem, both in terms of urban traffic jams and parking spaces (one car space can hold 20 electric scooters), not to mention the current lack of pedestrian presence in the city, due to the way cities have been configured up to now, giving priority to the car.

The Euskooters service, in short, replaces the use of the car for short distances - in urban centres where decarbonisation measures are already in place or to travel between neighbouring municipalities - and in areas where, even if there is a public transport connection, it does not cover the "last mile" to the final destination. This problem also occurs in the case of park-and-ride car parks, which are proposed as a solution in many cases; Euskooters does not replace the bicycle (public or private), nor does it replace public transport, which it encourages by complementing it on that last stretch that many people necessarily have to travel on a daily basis (even several times a day); In the absence of this complementarity at present, the decision is usually to opt for the private vehicle to cover the origin-destination section, with the problems of pollution, parking difficulties, congestion and loss of time that this entails. Today's society demands practicality.

Euskooters provides an alternative solution to what already exists in order to tackle the inevitable transition towards sustainable mobility, as set out in the environmental plans planned at international, national, regional and local level (and in the SDGs, Agenda 2030, the UN's New Urban Agenda, the SUMP, solutions approved in view of the restrictive measures to be adopted in terms of car-free city centres similar to those of "Madrid Central" already planned for Bilbao, Getxo or Barakaldo, etc.), within which this service fits and fits in perfectly.

On the other hand, since in the Basque Country it is increasingly necessary to offer an ecological mobility solution during tourist stays to its visitors (which, although increasing over the years, having closed Bilbao with the highest number of tourists in its history, the average length of these stays is short for all that the territory offers), we propose the Euskooters service as an innovative tool for tourism in the territory in order to cover more visits to key places of interest in less time, and thus be able to enjoy other activities and local commerce and gastronomy. All this, without polluting a privileged natural environment (for example, the coast at weekends and holidays suffers greatly from the presence of polluting vehicles and the difficulties to park are increasing, so the attractiveness decreases and the quality of life of residents, too). In addition, we offer the software as an opportunity to serve as an international showcase for the Basque Country, where we believe it is essential to link tourism to mobility. This aspect of the service is being tested in Zumaia and Bilbao, through rental points in hotels and tourist premises offering the Euskooters service (in addition to the pilot tests carried out in Getxo and Uribe Kosta in 2019 and 2020 to validate the idea).
In line with the above, public roads are gradually being transformed and adapted to other types of travel, with more space being set aside for pedestrians and green areas, and less for car parking and urban roads, and restrictions and penalties for polluting motorised vehicles are increasing every year, so it is undoubtedly necessary to offer alternatives that cover all the needs and the different user profiles in the face of this unavoidable and necessary transition. Euskooters is moving forward in line with this change and offers its service to public and private entities to jointly make it a reality in an orderly and satisfactory manner, involving and raising people's awareness. We want to serve as a real alternative and ecological complement to existing means of transport, reducing the daily carbon footprint of residents and tourists, in collaboration and continuous cooperation with institutions.


Euskooters is a tourism and sustainable mobility service based on the shared rental of electric scooters via app, a pioneer in the Basque Country. Our software, developed with our own technology, is configured as a platform to promote tourism and local commerce, as well as serving as an awareness-raising tool for the necessary transition that is being experienced in the field of sustainable mobility. We offer our B2B and B2C service through public and private entities, with which we intend to go hand in hand in this change of urban reconfiguration, connecting municipalities and also providing an attractive, practical and safe solution for tourists, who will be able to discover more places of interest in less time, also knowing where to go thanks to a how to get to each of them by the most friendly routes. Our service is based on a controlled and orderly system, unlike our competitors.

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