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Project objective

Kuvu is a company that embodies a unique duality: we address pressing social challenges such as social exclusion, unwanted loneliness and affordable housing, while prioritizing profitability by balancing profit with purpose.

We are a platform designed to help people (usually young university students and professionals) share homes with hosts from other generations who have a room available for rent.


Origin of the project
Intergenerational co-housing programs have been around since the 1990s and all had one thing in common: they were human resource-based and in high demand, but lacked hosts. We took on the challenge of multiplying their scalability and expanding their positive impact.

Kuvu's vision
Kuvu aspires to become the leading co-living platform in Europe true to our mission of making available the tools necessary to generate authentic human social connections through safe and secure shared hosting experiences.

Our approach
Kuvu is building a unique long-term customer relationship model through a portfolio of products and services developed with strategic partners for our diverse community of guests and hosts. A bet with which we hope to position ourselves as number 1 in the consumer's mind.

This positioning is reflected in the elements of our platform:

- Intergenerational Coexistence Contract: Kuvu has developed a unique contract in Spain that protects the rent and coexistence between hosts and guests.

- Usability in digital products for non-native users: In order for technology not to be a barrier, ease of use by users who are not digital natives is strategic. Proof of this is the inclusive design of our digital platform, the inclusion in Kuvu of a system for signing cohabitation contracts by voice with voice biometrics or the development of our payment system.

- Cohabitation compatibility: Kuvu has developed a unique cohabitation matching system that allows us to promote connections between people who are compatible in cohabitation and, thus, guarantee the experience of the users.

And in the development of an additional portfolio of products and services in partnership with other strategic players.

Our social impact
Living together allows the older person to continue to feel active, to live new experiences and to share their knowledge while learning from the younger person. The younger person is able to find a home at a more affordable price and of better quality than the one offered in the market.

An older person receives, on average, €2,900 per year in additional income thanks to Kuvu. For an elderly person receiving a Non-Contributory Pension, this means an increase of almost 50% in the income they are receiving per year with a great impact on their quality of life.

Some figures
There are already more than 3,000 guests who have registered on the platform in search of rentals and 500 registered hosts.

By December 2022, we had generated more than 60 coexistence between generations, measuring how the unwanted loneliness of the elderly has been reduced and improving the quality of life in the areas of interpersonal relationships and social inclusion. In just the first four months of 2023, we have generated another 18 coexistences, confirming the growth trend.

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Marketing plan
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