Osteophoenix SL

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Developing new systems and procedures for the regeneration of organs and tissues, applying advanced technology in the area of health.


Osteophoenix is a Biotech company that has patented a device that allows the natural regeneration of bone and gum by duplicating the ability to place dental implants. Entering the American market is the company's goal as it is a market 50 times larger and with greater sales potential than the Spanish market.

For a couple of years now the company has been in the process of obtaining FDA certification, which means investing in laboratory tests and recruiting qualified professionals such as consultants and specialists. This investment round is therefore an intermediate step that will allow them to deal with the last step of obtaining the certificate before launching a larger investment round when it comes to accessing the American market. To this end, they have signed an exclusive marketing agreement with a US company, of which they own 30%.

Regarding the CE label, they are trying to certify complementary products such as the titanium membrane and the osteosynthesis screws that increase profit margins and enhance the company's portfolio.

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Marketing plan
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