Crowdfunding Bizkaia Plataforma de Financiación Participativa, S.L. (hereinafter, "Crowdfunding Bizkaia") does not hold the status of investment services company or credit institution, nor is it adhered to any investment guarantee fund or deposit guarantee fund.

The companies that publish their projects in Crowdfunding Bizkaia are newly created companies, and therefore, investing in these companies entails a significant risk for the Investor.

Only an amount that you are prepared to lose should be invested. If you invest in a company and it is or becomes bankrupt, Crowdfunding Bizkaia will not refund the investment made.

However, in Crowdfunding Bizkaia we ensure that all published companies pass a rigorous economic and financial analysis, with the aim of confirming the optimal financial situation of it.

The projects published in Crowdfunding Bizkaia are not subject to authorization or supervision by the Spanish National Securities Market Commission (CNMV), or by the Bank of Spain, and the information provided by the Promoters has not been reviewed by these entities.

As indicated above, investing in companies in the early stages involves numerous risks, including the following:

  1. Risk of total or partial loss of the capital invested
  2. Risk of not getting the expected cash yield
  3. Risk of lack of liquidity of the investment and restrictions on the free transferability of capital shares
    1. Liquidity is the ease with which capital shares can be transferred after having acquired them.
    2. The shares may not be easily transferable due to the legal and, where appropriate, statutory restrictions existing in relation to the transferability thereof.
    3. In addition, in the case of limited companies, the company's shares may not be listed on secondary securities markets, such as the Alternative Stock Market or the Spanish Stock Exchange, so that their liquidity is affected.
    4. Therefore, investments made through Crowdfunding Bizkaia should be considered as a medium or long-term investment without liquidity.
  4. Risk of dilution of participation
    1. Dilution occurs when a company creates more shares as a result of a new capital increase, and all or part of the existing partners in the company at the time of the increase, do not acquire any of the new shares issued, or do not acquire them in proportion to those that they already have in the company.
    2. As a result, the proportional participation of the partners is reduced, and as a consequence, they lose voting rights, and the percentage of dividends of the company they are entitled to receive decreases.
  5. Risk of not receiving dividends
    1. Dividends are payments made by a company to its partners to distribute the profits of the company itself.
    2. Companies published in Crowdfunding Bizkaia are companies that are in early stages, so it is unlikely that you can get a return on your investment during the first years.
    3. The reason is that profits are often reinvested in the business itself to boost growth and create value for partners.
    4. Today, companies have no obligation to pay dividends to members.
  6. Risk of not influencing the management of the company
    1. Social management is the responsibility of the management body of the company and not of the partners. These, meeting in the General Meeting, agree on the appointment of the administrators, but depending on the participation you have in the company's corporate capital, it is possible that you cannot significantly influence the appointment of the administrators, or the management and representation of the company in which you invest.
    2. Normally, by means of investments made through Crowdfunding Bizkaia, investors acquire minority shares in the companies in which they invest, so it is difficult for them to be part of the management body of the company, or to influence the management of it.


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