How it works
01 Step
Registration on the platform as an investor
  • Individuals wishing to invest in such projects must register as Investors, in order to have access to all the information available about the projects, and not only the one that it is accessible to unregistered users.
  • Once registered, investors can exchange opinions with other investors and promoters from the comment area located in each project.
  • In order to be able to operate on the platform, investors must complete the information requested in this respect, as well as sign the documentation required to carry out the investment and upload a scanned copy of this documentation to the platform.
  • Registration is free of charge.
02 Step
Investment in previously analysed and validated projects
  • When investors make the decision to invest, they can give the investment order indicating the number of shares they wish to acquire. Investment orders made by investors may be revoked within the period established in the general conditions.
  • Initially, investors can contribute a maximum of €3,000 per project, and may not invest more than €10,000 over a 12-month period.
  • Exceptionally, those persons who invest and who are considered as Accredited may make investments that exceed the limits indicated in the previous paragraph. For more information on this accreditation, click here.
  • Once Crowdfunding Bizkaia verifies the compliance of the investor with the requirements established in the applicable legislation, it will send an e-mail communicating the resolution in this respect.
  • If the investment objective is achieved, the amount invested is transferred to the bank account designated by those promoting the project, and the investment materialises at that time.
  • On the contrary, if the investment objective is not reached within the established period, the investments made are returned, without there being any charge for the persons who have invested.
  • The acquisition of the capital of the company of the promoters is formalized through the signing of standard documents in this type of operations, and following the usual procedures. The contents of these documents, as well as details of the procedure, are available to investors prior to making the investment.
03 Step
Formalization of the investment and periodic monitoring information
  • After the formalization of the investment, the promoters of the projects assume the commitment to send to the investors the information related to the evolution of the project.
  • In the event that those promoting the project do not comply with this obligation, Crowdfunding Bizkaia does not assume any obligation in relation to the transmission of the aforementioned information, nor to the veracity and/or accuracy of the same.
  • In the case that Crowdfunding Bizkaia ceases its activities, it undertakes to keep the communication channel open between investors and promoters related to the projects successfully closed for the legally established period of time.

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